Get ready for the most challenging and addictive game of the GMTK Game Jam 2021! You play as AMB1 and D3X-TR (pronounced AM-BEE and DEXTER) in their struggle to survive The Gauntlet in order to earn their freedom. But there's a catch: you must control both of them at the same time! Survive as long as you can across different rounds that involve an increasing number of turrets and boss fights!

Don't forget to checkout the official intro to the game on YouTube!

And if you liked any of the songs, you can find all of them on SoundCloud!


Left side: WASD

Right side: Arrow keys or IJKL

ESC to pause


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525 seconds GOML

Way to go! Thanks for playing!

I got Survived 516 seconds and got to Round 6!

A really challenging game but really fun to play!

Truth be told. I never made it past round 2 lol Great job! Glad you enjoyed it!